Wellbeing in the Workplace

Do you offer Mental Health and Wellness support to your employee’s? Why not? 

With today’s world being such a customer satisfaction orientated society, this has increased the demand on employees, employers and companies to constantly strive for growth and innovation in their field of expertise. This means that everyone is working harder, putting more time into their work and putting more pressure on themselves to do more.

As a business this is what we want from our employees but what this means is that they are going to be increasing their stress which will affect not just their work but also their lives outside of work.


Where your company is at the moment:

  • You need to provide more Health, Wellness and Mental health to your employees
  • You want to provide a preventative to stop stress and mental health in the workplace
  • You have noticed an increase of stress in the workplace and would like to offer some help.
  • You need to offer wellbeing to your employees; you may have done a day’s workshop with them but you would like to offer more on a regular basis.

The problems you have right now:

  • You have noticed an increase in sick days with your employees.
  • you need to provide Health and wellness but need your employees at their desks.
  • There is a lack of focus, motivation and productivity with some of your employees.
  • More of your employees are now struggling with stress and anxiety.

What you need right now:

You need to provide you employees with Health, Wellness and Mental health but you also need to have them at their desks working.

Your employees need support, guidance and understanding to get them going, to help them through the next few steps and keep them on track. They need tools and techniques to help them with preventing mental health.

Here are the programs and packages we offer:


At Hayley Bennett Wellbeing we want to work with you to provide your employees with the tools and techniques to combat and grow their mental health and prevent stress and anxiety, while helping them to increase their productivity. We have everything you need from one off talks to a year’s support, no matter how big or small your business is we can customise the package to work for you.

By providing knowledge and support together we can allow them to gain a more stable and balanced outlook on their work and external life.

We will provide: in-person workshops, online coaching, personalise motivational emails and online workshops. All our packages will offer your employees motivation, focus and guidance on how to achieve a more productive day.

Did you know by having increased stress levels you not only increase your risk for depression and anxiety but also increase your risk of physical illness as well.

By providing your employees with access to the tools they need to not only be more productive at their work but allow them to live and understand their mental health better, this will decrease the chances of long term mental and physical illnesses and diseases.

Motivational emails:
This one-year package offers regular emails to all your employees to help them stay motivated, focused and guidance on how to achieve a more productive day.

What do you get?

  • Monday Motivation, every week
  • Wednesday Mindset and Wellness coaching, every two weeks
  • Friday Success, once a month

Stress Prevention – Online workshop
This package offers an instant download to your employees to keep and do in their own time. This download will teach them techniques to prevent stress or anxiety in the workplace, It also provides tools and techniques to help them improve their health, concentration, deal with any stressful situation they are in at work and life.

What do you get?

  • Tools and techniques to prevent stress and cope with stressful situations
  • Understand anxiety and stress and what it does to the body
  • Understand how a balanced life can improve your health and concentration at work.
  • 3 videos –2 with breathing and stretching and 1 with hand-Reflexology
  • 12 audio meditation recordings.

The Wellbeing Environment.
We help you to create an in-house wellness environment and provide the perfect wellbeing support for your employee’s.

We tailor our packages to each organisation’s individual needs.

  • Yoga and Meditation classes
  • Regular treatments – Massage, Reflexology, Acupuncture and many more.
  • Wellness and Mindset Coaching
  • Quiet rooms

Wellbeing workshop 

If you want to expatiate your employees in person, this workshop provides you and your employees with an understanding of how our thoughts and actions, can affect your productivity and your everyday life. You will learn tools and techniques to prevent stress, cope with stressful situation in the workplace and tools to achieve a more productive day.

Wellness and Mental Health

  • Understand anxiety and stress and what it does to the body
  • Tools and techniques to cope with stressful situations
  • Understand how a balanced life can improve your health and concentration at work.
  • Tools and techniques to achieve a more productive day

Regular wellbeing workshops throughout the year

  • How to stay focused and achieve more out of your day
  • How to achieve a work – life balance
  • Prevent Anxiety and Stress
  • 5 things you can do at your desk to have a healthier day
  • Live Better- Feel Better
  • How to manage and support an employee dealing with stress.

One-to-One online coaching for the company:
This package provides one-to-one online coaching with your employees – Wellness, Mindset and Mental Health support.

You can buy as many one-to-one sessions as you want and offer them to all your employees or to the ones that need it most. This package will last for a year and can be used at any time throughout the year.

Individual coaching with employees:
I offer 5 different programs ranging from 6 week, 6 months to a year.

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