Maybe we need to be more of our true self. Self-Acceptance! 

Self-Acceptance is different to Self-Improvement!

Self-improvement is saying things are wrong with you, self-acceptance is brushing off the layers of judgement and becoming the true self.

This course is an invitation to accept that the real you – what we call the unconditioned self – is happy.

Most people’s experience of happiness is of wanting, searching and pursuit. Whereas I am inviting you to experience happiness now. It begins with self-knowledge and with the realization your unconditioned self is constantly happy, but your self-image is constantly giving you too much of a hard time for you to notice.

Happiness requires the acceptance of one thought,

‘You are perfectly made!’

As I see it there is nothing wrong with you and there is nothing missing in you. Your original Self (the unconditional self) is perfectly whole; but I understand that your self-image may not choose to see it that way.


True self-acceptance is the realization that the soul is joy. The joy is your spiritual DNA and it exist whether or not your self-image will let you see it. Self-acceptance and Happiness work together perfectly, as many social psychology studies have shown.

Until you agree to like yourself, you will not enjoy your life. In a more positive phrase:

The more willing you are to like yourself,

the more you will increase your chances of being happy.

I encourage you to reread this sentence until you can really feel physically, emotionally and spiritually the truth of these words. Happiness is experiencing yourself without judgement and only with love.