Out of the crisis will come a positive shift, there will be positive actions from each and every one of us. It may be only small actions for some of us but much larger for others.

Some of us will see we don’t need so much in life, so many new clothes, etc. Things don’t make us happy.

Some will realise exercising each day will make them feel better – now that we can only get out once a day, we realise how important that is to our mental health and our bodies.

We will go back to eating only what is in season, not having so many take-outs and meals out, we will go back to cooking at home again.

We will realise that the people in front of us are the ones that are important, our close friends and family. We will realise it does matter what everyone else thinks, it’s what we feel inside that’s important.

In these times we will learn to be with ourselves, face the things we do to sabotage our happiness and learn to have more self-acceptance, love ourselves more.

And as we do this, we will be more understanding of others.

We will learn that human connection and connection with nature is the most important thing we have.

For some of us we will start to be aware that others may need our help, we will start opening our eyes to see the support we can give.

I know these are not good times but out of the darkness can come a light, a positive shift, a shift in us, a shift in the world.