Shift Therapy

Where you’re at:

You want to change your life and mindset but are tired of not feeling focused or confident, you really want to get started and need the support and guidance to help see it through

The problem you have right now:

Life takes over and you end up back at square one, you’re frustrated you couldn’t cope or stay calm when life gets too much or something is thrown at you.

You feel that things from your past are holding you back.

Or something is stopping you to move froward and you’re not to sure what it is.

You feel lost and unhappy with yourself or your life. You’re tired of trying to keep up and pretending everything is OK.

What you need help with right now:

You need support and guidance to help you understanding to get you going. You need to let go of the negative thought and limited beliefs to move forward

The program that will suit you best is Shift Therapy

The shift therapy is a treatment where we work together to shift and clear your emotions blockage, limited beliefs and help you let go of them.  

Program includes:

This treatment is done through guided meditation, either online – video calls or can be arrange as a face-to-face treatment if you live in the Cotswold area.


£95 per session

Block of 3 session £275

Block of 6 session £550

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