The Tree of Life – Level 1


In these 30-minute guided meditation sessions, you will join me to learn some effective yet simple tools that can easily be applied and used in daily life to bring more vibrancy, connection, wonder, love and peace into your life.

The power of mediation can heal trauma, anxiety, depression, stress, and can bring peace, clarity and enhance your well-being on every level.

This meditation workshop has been designed to help you learn new ways to meditate. During the workshop you will learn to contact your Higher Self and access your Soul’s wisdom.

You will discover who your personal Spiritual Guides are, how to contact them and benefit from their wisdom and guidance. when you have completed this workshop, there is a chance to move onto level 2.

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The workshop runs for 4 weeks, once a week, you will receive a 20-30mins meditation to do at home and there will also be a 30 minute one-to-one skype to help you understand what you are seeing in your meditations. This will be facilitated by Hayley Bennett.MAR, well-being practitioner, experienced therapist for 16 years who has trained in Block Clearance Therapy and Happiness Coaching.

Emphasis will be on fun, relaxation and spending time with like-minded people.  Through meditations, guided visualisations and exercises you will be gently guided through a step-by-step process which will enable you to enhance on your own spiritual journey.

Do I need any experience in meditation or spiritual work?

Intermediate Level; All you need is an open mind and a willingness to explore your own spiritual development.

Course Outline

Week 1
Meeting your Guides

Week 2
Finding your “Tree of Life’
Colours, Animals and symbols

Week 3
Life of life and happiness

Week 4
Manifesting a symbol

Additional information

Course Dates

7th – 28th January 2019, 4th – 25th February 2019, 4th – 25th March 2019


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