Achieve your goals and dreams – 5 day Workshop

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‘Achieve your goals and dreams – 5 day Workshop’


Do you need to re-focus on setting your goals and dreams?
Do you want to get on top of your diet, cut back on your drinking?
Have you had dreams you’ve always wanted to do?
Do you have goals you want to achieve?
NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS, GOALS OR DREAMS. Whatever you are setting yourself this year, this 5-day self-paced workshop will help you stay on track and achieve it through to the end.
The workshop backs down your goals, so you can find the things that are holding you back to achieve them, it then helps you see what you need to do and sets out your plan to help you achieve your end result.

2 reviews for Achieve your goals and dreams – 5 day Workshop

  1. Lottir File

    I’ve never been very good at looking ahead, making goals and sticking to them, particularly personal goals.
    After completing this 5-day workshop, I’ve got a better understanding of how my mind works in terms of setting and achieving goals. A really positive, informative and well written book that’s helped me to break down and focus on my goals. – Lottie

  2. Sam B

    This course was a great way to help me refocus on what I wanted to do with my life, my life has taken a massive left turn during everything that has happened in the past year and being able to work at my own pace through this course to refocus what is important to me was brilliant. Sam

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