Live better ~ Feel better


Live Better – Feel Better

Online Meditation and Yoga

with Hayley Bennett & Roisin Wood


We are offering a month unlimited yoga classes and meditation sessions; new classes and sessions will be released each week.

3 yoga classes a week – 1 Free Flow (1 hour), 1 yin yoga (1 hour) and a 30 mins yoga class.
3 meditation sessions a week – 1 live mediation, and 2 recorded meditations.
Gentle classes also available.
Beginner tips and videos for meditations

All our yoga classes and meditation sessions are held on a private Facebook page.

When you have signed up and paid you will receive an email with the link to the page so you can join us for unlimited yoga and meditation.


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Hayley Bennett

is a Reflexologist, meditation teacher,  Mindset and Wellbeing Coach, speaker and owner of ‘Hayley Bennett Wellbeing’

Roisin Wood

is a Free Form and Yin yoga teacher and owner of ‘Free Form Yoga with Roisin’

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