Helping Teenagers and Young Adults

Exams – Homework and Course work – Peer – Achievement – Friends

There is more and more pressure on teenagers and young adults today with school, collage, university, as well as after school activities and peer. Some can take it in their everyday stride but there are others that find it all overwhelming and feel that everything is of out of control.

On average 3 students in every classroom is struggling with some form of Anxiety or Stress.

13.3% of 16 – 19-year olds and 15.8% of 20 – 24-year olds have suffered from anxiety (neurotic episode)
1.7% of 16 – 19-year olds and 2.2% of 20 -24-year olds have suffered from a depressive episode

As we can see the percentage rises as they get older.  Let start early by giving children the tools to cope with these pressures.  We don’t just help them cope with exams, we help them cope with all pressures and stresses in life.

The problem you or your child is having right now:

  • Feeling overwhelmed
  • Feeling that your brain can’t think clearly
  • Negative thoughts taking over my mind
  • Feeling tired and unable to concentrate
  • Feeling I just want to shut down and hide
  • Fear and panic that everything is going wrong
  • Fear that my best isn’t good enough


What you or your child need help with right now:

You/your child need support, guidance and understanding to get you going, to help you through life and keep you on track. You/your child need tools and techniques to help you when things get a little hard in life and to see how these things can help in the future.


The program that will suit you or your child best is the online, One to One support + Anxiety and Stress workshop

This program provides emotional support and mindset coaching while you or they are studying and going through their exams. It will help you or your child to understand the mind, body and spirit, and to see the things that are holding you or them back. You or your child will learn new tools for your or their ‘Tool box of Life’ and it will help you or them to create a balanced and happier life.


Talks in Schools

I am happy to come into schools and give a talk and offer techniques to the children and parents.  Please contact me for more information.