The Tree of Life –

These are the books I recommend for my The Tree of Life, guided meditation workshop. They will help you to understand what you are seeing in your meditation.

Health and Wellbeing –

 I have had some of these books for years and use them regularly as reference books, I recommend them all.

Novels – Spiritual Journey’s

I love both of these books. I was given my first copy of The Alchemist in 1999, I have read this book 4 times now over the years and each time I’ve read it I’ve got something new from it. A new understanding from what Paulo Coelho has written.

Even those Siddhartha was written in 1922, I only heard about in 2018 but again I know I will read this book again over the years and get so much from it every time.


I have had this book from when I first trained as a reflexologist in 2002.