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Self-Help Toolkit for Anxiety ans Stress -Book


“I’m tired of feeling stressed and unable to find a way out.”

“I know I struggle with anxiety but I don’t know how to deal with it.”

“Everything feels overwhelming and I just can’t cope, (no one helps)”

“I know I get a little stressed and anxious, but I’m not depressed so it’s OK.”

These are just a few of the messages Hayley Bennett hears every day from her clients and followers around the world.

This easy-to-use handbook guides you through simple steps to help you understand and manage your anxiety and stress, build your resiliance so you can move out of the anxiety and stress cycle and work toward a life that you want to live.

 Online and eLearning

This course helps business owners to focus  their businesses and get more clients. By the end of this course, they will have a clear vision of their goals and understand of what they need to do to achieve it.

AoR – CPD Approved course

Certificated course


 This course is designed to help you understand anxiety and stress and how it affects the mind and body, it provides you with tools and techniques to use on yourself or to pass on to your client to enhance your treatments.

AoR – CPD approved course

Certificated course


Let go of your limited beliefs, discover a happier you and find clarity in your life, career or business.
This course is designed to help you understand the Mind, Body and Spirit and to see the things that are holding you back. By re-designing your inner thinking space, your mind-set, you can move forward in life and create the life you deserve.

AoR – CPD approved course

Certificated course

This meditation workshop has been designed to help you connect with your Higher Self and access your Soul’s wisdom. You will discover who your personal Spiritual Guides are, how to contact them and benefit from their wisdom and guidance.

This workbook give you simple steps and exercises to do each day to help you stay calm, positive and focused.

One-to-one Coaching

Shift Therapy

I’m tried of feel lost and unhappy with myself and my life

I want to let go of the things that are holding me back.

Shift – Creation Coaching

I tired of starting something, then struggling to following it through to the end – I need support, guidance and accountability!

I’m fed up with my past holding me back!



I tired of always being ill or in Pain!

I fed up with feeling old and can’t do the things I want!

I struggling to control my hormones and get a balance on life!


Here’s What Our Clients Say About Us…

“Hayley offers extremely effective one-on-one counselling, providing a safe and accepting space, free of judgement, where one can express their issues, even if they are difficult or complex problems. I had previously worked with Hayley during a time in my life where she helped me get through a depression and challenge those negative beliefs that I held about myself. Having reached a place where I feel happy and confident on a regular basis, I started to notice that there were some patterns of behaviour that were still holding me back or “kneecapping myself” as I would often call it. I could feel these behaviour patterns draining my energy, preventing me from reaching my goals, and generally living my life to its fullest possibility, but I couldn’t really see or understand where they were coming from or how to change them. So, I sought out Hayley again for more counselling.

Over the course of six sessions, we explored different issues and patterns of emotional repression, denial and lack of self-acceptance. She was able to guide me through areas of deep and visceral fear—fears of being unloved, abandoned or isolated—with an ever-present kindness and love. Through expertly lead meditations, coupled with in-depth discussion before and after to orient and digest the session, we were able to uncover deep aspects of myself which I had attempted to cut off or forget for many years, and with her help and guidance, I was able to see, hear and understand them, eventually feeling comfortable enough to bring them into the light and integrate them into my regular, daily experience of life.

I cannot overstate Hayley’s skills in this area—her ability to focus and guide meditations, keeping one engaged, open and comfortable even when the subject matter is difficult or downright scary, is unmatched. Without her support, I wouldn’t have been able to see or access those deep emotional knots which were sapping my energy and holding me back. I can honestly say the results speak for themselves. I have never felt such ease and happiness in my daily life. Patterns of behaviour which had plagued me for years (laziness, apathy, judgement or downright self-sabotage) have fallen away of their own accord in the wake of the genuine and holistic self-acceptance that Hayley has supported me in cultivating. It isn’t something that has come about through force of will or discipline born of a desire to change who I am or what I want, but as a by-product of being authentically happy with where I am at in life and excited to see all of the amazing things that lie ahead of me.

This testimonial has been particularly difficult to write because of the deep, foundational nature of the shift Hayley has helped catalyse, and I still feel it leaves more out that it includes. The experiences I’ve had with Hayley as my guide have genuinely revolutionized my state of being, shifted the paradigm of how I see my life, and I carry them in my heart every day. It sounds melodramatic, and to some I’m sure it is, but anyone who has had a deep experience of self-realisation or self-acceptance will understand just how powerful those experiences can be and the positive and lasting change they can produce. I love you, Hayley, and the most I can say is thank you for helping that happen for me.”


Shift Therapy

“My osteopath asked who was taking care of me as I am progressing so well.  Says it all doesn’t it!”

Reflexology Client

“After quite a few years of Hayley’s therapy, I am delighted to endorse her.  I found Hayley to be extremely skillful – kind, knowledgeable and thoughtful.  I have heartily recommended her to my friends in the past, receiving excellent feedback afterwards – and am glad to now do so again.”


Coaching Client

“I engaged Hayley to assist me with the direction of my professional legal career and my life more generally.  I was totally unmotivated and felt I was simply treading water.  I needed clarity around my thoughts and certainty around my decisions.  Hayley helped on both fronts.  She gave me the tools to work out exactly what I needed to do to change the direction of my life.  She gave me the clarity and confidence to see, understand and move on from the issues I was facing.  Thanks Hayley!  A life changer for sure.”

S. Rees Davies

Shift Creation Coaching Client

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There are no restrictions on effort!

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