Kickstart Program

I really want to get started, change my life and mindset but I don’t think I can dedicate to a whole year or 6-months of coaching!

I have no idea where to start and need support and guidance!

Silver – Mindset and Transformation Program

I’m tried of learn new techniques, then struggling to put it into practice in my life!

I want to do online courses but still want the support and guidance!

Gold – Mindset and Transformation Program

I tired of starting something, then struggling to following it through to the end – I need support, guidance and accountability!

I’m fed up with my past holding me back!

Platinum – Mindset and Transformation Program

I desperately need to make some changes; I am unhappy with my life and me!

I want to see what is holding me back and let go of them.

Wellbeing in the Workplace

Online Mental Health and Wellness Support

Achieve more from your employees by having a healthier and happier workplace.


Discover a Happier You

by re – designing your
inner thinking space!

This instant online course is designed to help you understand the Mind, Body and Spirit, and to see the things that are holding you back.  

Self Help – Instant Download

This instant download helps you understand Mind and Body, as well as giving you tools and techniques to use in life.

Online Meditation
& Yoga

Unlimited yoga classes and meditation sessions.

New classes and sessions each week.


I tired of always being ill or in Pain!

I fed up with feeling old and can’t do the things I want!

I struggling to control my hormones and get a balance on life!

Here’s What Our Clients Say About Us…

“After quite a few years of Hayley’s therapy, I am delighted to endorse her.  I found Hayley to be extremely skillful – kind, knowledgeable and thoughtful.  I have heartily recommended her tp my friends in the past, receiving excellent feedback afterwards – and am glad to now do so again.”


Reflexology Client

“My osteopath asked who was taking care of me as I am progressing so well.  Says it all doesn’t it!”

Reflexology Client

“I found the Kickstart course, helpful and healing, gentle and surprisingly non-intimidating. It gives you support for whatever happens to crop up and is non-judgmental, personalised but non-invasive. Taking the course is practical and can be done in your own time.”





'Kickstart' student

Our Latest Resources…

How do you want your life/world to be?

How do you want your life/world to be?

  We are slowly starting to come out of the way we have been living, and as I have discussed in my other articles (Out-of-the-darkness-there-can-be-a-positive-shift), we had been given time to look at ourselves, our emotions and fears but we also can look at what...

Out of the darkness, there can be a positive shift.

Out of the darkness, there can be a positive shift.

Out of the crisis will come a positive shift, there will be positive actions from each and every one of us. It may be only small actions for some of us but much larger for others. Some of us will see we don’t need so much in life, so many new clothes, etc. Things...

How to help release a cold virus and sore throat.

How to help release a cold virus and sore throat.

I don't know about you but I had this cold virus that has been going around and every time I think it gone it back. Here are some extra points on my hand reflexology: Remember to work on both hands, massage these points The tops of the fingers (the finger pads) are...

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UPDATE... we can go back to work!

I’m so please with the change, thank you to everyone who helped me and the rest of the reflexologist by sending a letter to your local MP.

Reflexologists are now allow to go back to work from Monday 13th July.

If anyone would like an appointment please contact me.
07551 006898
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